How Gov Members Use the Direct Lobby

How Gov Members Use the Direct Lobby

Elected Government Officials and Registered Government Elective Office Candidates can become a Network of Business "Gov Member" Free, so they can use our Internet Video Communication System to interact live with their Constituents and Network of Business Members.

The Network of Business lists about 30 Million Businesses in the United States and Canada. We list Executive and Department Managers and maintain opt-in email addresses on almost 15 million Business Owners and Management Employees.

Gov Members now receive direct financial campaign support from many of our Network of Business Members, however, most Politicians join as a Network of Business "Gov Member" to use our Free Live Interactive Video Communication System. Our multimedia system can lower political campaign costs and can instantly present your message anytime in Live Interactive Streaming Video to millions of voters on the internet.

Our Member Database is setup so Gov Members can automatically contact Businesses in their district, city, county, state or areas they represent, so our Network of Business members can receive the Gov Member's video netcast on their website or text message in their Network of Business inbox messaging system.

Gov Members receive a Free Network of Business Profile page where Gov Members can use our NetVisionTV software to send a Live Video Netcast to Network of Business members. They can also send a live video netcast and/or text message to our Network of Business Members by selecting Zip Code areas in the State where they campaign in.

Live Video Netcasts can be viewed by anyone on your personal or government website and on your Network of Business website page. Prior to Live Video Netcasting, you can send a message to all your constituents which includes an auto link to your upcoming live netcast.

Gov Members can send live video netcasts from their desktop computer or mobile internet device. You can reach millions of simultaneous viewers using our Free NetVisionTV software, however you can also use our Free Video Communication program, "LiveNetVideo," to communicate by Live Interactive Private 2 Way Video. Both of these Video programs can also send voice only and/or text messaging. These programs are of the Highest Video and Audio Quality and are offered to Gov Members Free.

Video Communication can Free you of Travel Time. Imagine the local business/service club or a convention/meeting/event/ which is set-up with a large video monitor - You can live video netcast from your home or office. The attendees (viewers) can video interact live with you, so everyone sees everything. This enables you to reach more people, more often.

We've included these Features in our Free Programs:

  • Full Collaboration such as Video/Document Sender, Text Messaging, Desktop Sharing.
  • Voice, Text and Video Messaging to leave private messages if the party doesn't answer.
  • Live Video Connector in which a viewer can live connect with you during your live Netcast so both parties as well as all viewers can See the Live Interaction. Users can easily connect to you by the Live Video Connector Icon Button which is placed on your personal website and your Network of Business Website page; users don't even have to register.

There are many Benefits in becoming a Gov Member, which you'll discover by viewing the website. Once you get into the program, you'll see the Polling/Voting Feature in NetVisionTV. You can Poll your Constituents about Political Issues and receive instant Voting Results. The "Direct Lobby," which is accessed on the Network of Business Home Page is important to you, because its the link to access their Elected Gov Officials. We encourage you to partake in the video/audio/text Forum of the Direct Lobby; this site reaches viewers both inside and outside the business community.

The Network of Business programs are E-Z to use. If you need a media assistant to help with your public relations, place a Free Ad under Employment (accessed on the Network of Business Home Page). If you're friendly to "Business," you'll receive immediate Help!

For information on How to Use the Video Communication Features, Click Here.

The Network of Business wants your membership. Please go to the Network of Business Registration Page and check the box for Gov Membership. Click Here to get started. To link to the Network of Business, Click Here.

After you Register, Install our Free Video Program LiveNetVideo, go to your profile page and click the button at the bottom of the page to add LiveNetVideo to your profile.

For information on the Live Video Connector, Click Here

For information on NetVision TV, Click Here.

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