How Gov Members Use the Direct Lobby


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  • Find Your Elected Officials

    This section finds US Senators and Congressional Representatives.

    It also finds State Officials such as Governor, Senate and District Representatives.

    In Addition, you can search for County/City Officials. Click Here to Find Your Elected Officials.

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  • US House of Representatives

    This section alphabetically lists US Congressional Representatives by State and District and by Last Name.

    You can view the profile website of each Representative by clicking on their Name.
    Click Here for US House Representatives.

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  • Directory of Representatives

    This section contains a search to Find US House of Representative by your Zip Code or Address. Some Zip Codes have more than one Representative; to determine your Representative, you must enter your exact address. A map will show the Representative's area. You can click on the Representative's Name to enter their website. Click Here for Search Directory.

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