How Gov Members Use the Direct Lobby

How Gov Members use Our Video Communication Features

NetVisionTV   LiveNetVideo   LiveVideoConnector

Netvision TV - Politicians can reach their constituents by using our NetVison program which enables them to reach millions of people. The program is completely Free and doesn't require any download because it's browser based. ; Gov Member can now reach more voters with live streaming video. It's the future way for candidates to campaign! NetVision TV can be streamed live from any location.

LiveNetVideo - is a suite of three video communication programs. There is no installation for any of the programs and they're all Free. also be installed when candidates register as a Gov Member. With these programs a Gov Member can communicate in various ways by Live Video, anytime, anywhere.

You can place pubic relation/advertising messages on the video screen so each time anyone uses the Free Video Communication, they also See your text, audio or video message. Anyone can be video connected to you by just clicking on the LiveVideo Connector icon button. The respondent doesn't have to install anything.

Live Video Connector - the Live Video Connector icon can be placed on your website, on your Network of Business Gov Member Profile Page or on any webpage or net ad. The Live Video Connector can also be inserted in your emails so a click can connect both parties to See & Talk in Live Streaming Video!

Gov Members can Netcast live or pre-record video/audio and or text. All the features of our video communication are Free to use.

Gov Members who work closely with BiPac and/or the NFIB and/or the AAofB can be electronically connected to the companies listed in the Network of Business Directories.

We want to assure that Business Friendly Politicians are elected to public office!

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